Ingrid Pitt Countess Dracula

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In 17th century Hungary, Countess Erzebet Bathory was walled up inside her own castle, having been found guilty of the murders of over 300 women. She was most noted for bathing in the blood of peasant girls, believing it kept her young.
In Hammer’s Countess Dracula, Elisabeth (Ingrid Pitt) discovers that her youthful appearance can be temporarily restored if she bathes in the blood of young, virgin women. She enlists her steward, Captain Dobi, to help with the kidnap and murder of countless local girls. As a cover for her crimes while in her rejuvenated state, she takes the identity of her own daughter; a plan that spirals out of control when her actual daughter, Ilona, returns home.
revelled in the lead role but had reservations about the film not keeping with the Bathory legend: “I don’t think it was cruel enough, horrifying enough it needed more throat slashing and blood.”


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