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A unique offer for Art in the Mill

Described as – “one of the most magical works of the Edwardian age” by the Sunday Times, we can now offer a limited number of prints from the Child Hazel Collection of Edwardian watercolours, which are printed on fine art velvet papers.

These prints will be available from March 2022.
There are 30 prints in the collection more will be posted in the future, please visit art in the Mill, Knaresborough to view them all or keep coming back: contact us for more information

Multiple formats available on request

(Due to the pandemic restrictions prints may only be without mounts, and a delivery time of approximately 10 days).

The book in question is ‘Child Hazel’, written and richly illustrated by Ida Bogue who was born in 1885 and died, blind, in 1972. It contains some of the most magical illustrations of fairies since those of Cecily Mary Baker whose Flower Fairy series has enjoyed an enduring popularity since its launch in the 1920’s.

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